We spend hours to understand framewoks ...
so that you don't have to !

All our skeletons are minimalistic versions of frameworks That you can run directly.

Short and simple

We know the hassle of going through long tedious tutorials and documentations when setting up a framework. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again. That is why we aim to keep all our skeletons as simple and short as possible. All skeletons are running on the basic requirements that they require.

To the point

We believe in explaining through examples rather than long paragraphs of text. Our skeletons have inline comments where ever we felt necessary to explain something. Although good code should be self-explanatory, but we still like to help!

Ever growing list

Yes more and more frameworks are being introduced out there and our list is still a bit small. But we are working as fast as we can in our spare time to learn them, define a minimlistic skeleton for each, and then add them to our skeletons list.

History and idea behind our skeletons

The journey

In a galaxy far far away, a project captain asked the team to create a super awesome application using insert_rocket_science_framework_name_here. Team conquers stars and galaxies to learn and then struggles to arm others with knowlegde just to create application and meet deadline. Many innocent lives are lost in the endless whiteness of documentation and tutorial papers. Suddenly, without warning, one coder-man comes up with an idea of pre-configured projects of this mysterious framework. Lo and behold, a supernova! Idea breaks all barriers of space and time and other project captains start adapting to this. Some brave people take a chance to wander of to dangerous horizons and start creating pre-configured templates for other libraries. Long may they live!

Live long and prosper, Peace and long life -- Vulcan salute

Important terms

Minimalistic Skeleton

The smallest possible implementation of a framework that runs a hello world cycle either by printing it on the console of displaying it on the browser.

Skeleton LOC

A skeleton may have some extra features added to it but since those are not essentially required, they are not counted in the lines of code. A skeleton LOC count is the sum of the lines of code and/or configurations that are absolutely essential to deploy the project.


A set of strict rules that define our minimlistic skeleton

  1. Each Minimalistic Skeleton shoule be compilable, deployable or executeable.
  2. All Minimalistic Skeletons added to the list should be tested to work unless stated otherwise.
  3. The Skeleton LOC should be well under 200.
  4. Inline comments should exist wherever necessary.
  5. Although extra features of a framework maybe added to the skeleton, but it should not hinder the deployment of the Minimalistic Skeleton.

LOC Table of top 3 skeletons

# Name Description LOC*
1 Struts 2 A free, open-source, MVC framework for creating elegant, modern Java web applications 53
2 Spark Java A simple and lightweight Java web framework built for rapid development. 15
3 SpringBoot Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can "just run". 46

*The count is always an approximate count. We are constantly updating these numbers as we get to know about something new that can be improved and can decrease (or even sometimes increase) this number. Remember, we are also learning.